Lessons From Our Legacy Ep 17 – HOPE!

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“Social” Media

I felt compelled to share this. I believe the Lord spoke to
my heart and I hope it blesses you.

It seems that the ugliness in this world is getting worse every day. “Social” media allows us to share ideas and opinons freely. But so many times the “Social” part is missing. It’s used for not just being “social” but for sharing of opinions and ideas and those with opposing views seem to take someone’s personal opinion as a personal attack and feel the need to “take action”.
I heard a fragment of a song today and looked it up because it took me back to my childhood. I listened to the words and it reminded me of the “Imago Dei“; meaning we are ALL made in the image of God. So if I see myself as made in the image of God, and I see others created in that same image, I should strive to treat others with the same love as God shows us. That I should be respectful of others and their opinons.
We are all allowed to have opinons, but do we have to threaten violence to those with an opinion that is different than ours? If someone shares something they think is newsworthy, but you think its fake or wrong, should you really call them names for their for their “thoughts” or their “beliefs” and for sharing them?

I’m sharing the song I heard below. I know some of you don’t share the same beliefs as me and that is just fine. However, the lyrics are very poignant and convicting.

We are made in His image, everyone – even those who stand
on a different side than you.