About Faith, Hope, Love & Red High Heels

My name is Susan and I’m a “forty-something” woman with grown (or at least they think they are) children.

I believe that God uses everyday things to teach us something new, each and every day.  That we can see what He is teaching us, and if we listen we will learn and grow.  All we need do is open our eyes.

Where do the red high heels come in?  Shoes have been a love of mine for quite a while.  Heels especially.  I think it was because I was so much shorter than everyone else in my family, the heels gave me the feel of a more level playing field.

Shoes play an important roll in our lives each day, they really do.  They keep us from hurting our feet (ironically some shoes hurt our feet while while protecting us), they keep our feet warm, make us “run fast”, dance better, and really complete an outfit. We are simply not “dressed” without our shoes.  Much like the armor of God. (Ephesians 6).


faithhopeloveandredhighheels 2


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