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A Letter To My Mother

Dear Mom,

Well, you are right. About a lot of things.

After 40, I did get braver. After 45, I really got brave. The world did not end if I opted to play with my babies instead of doing the dishes right after dinner. Oh, and you were right about being firm with them. They still love me and brag on how I was tough, but they learned a lesson.

The thing you said about having a dream and following it, well I’m still working on that, but you were right, there was still time – and is still time. Remember when you told me to stick to my guns and I would respect myself later. You guessed it – right once again.

Honestly Mom, if you were here it would be “Winner,Winner; Chicken Dinner” and “Give the lady a cigar” because you were on the money with so many things.

As a little girl you taught me, “If you aren’t pretty on the inside, then you aren’t pretty on the outside” I didn’t clearly understand that until now. Actions really do speak louder than words. Neatness in appearance does count.

OH, and that night I got home past curfew (to be fair it was only 15 minutes) and you told me I wouldn’t understand until I was a mother – I got it now.
Watching my children be adults in this crazy world and seeing them do things that are good, right, fair and responsible…wow my heart really does swell and I really do feel it pull like an invisible cord is still tied to them.

Most of all Mom…most of all…I wish you were here so I could once again see your face and say, “Momma, how did you get so smart?” And then your mouth would give that sideways grin and your green eyes would sparkle and you would laugh with your whole body.

Someday Mom, you’ll tell me…until “someday” gets here, I’ll just keep on keeping track.
Mom: 5,789,432 Susan: 10
(I wonder if I can round up?)


Today Is Not Always The Day

When I get excited about something, I’m a leap, then look kind of girl. Despite some of the mistakes from my past, I don’t seem to grasp this concept of planning, looking, and then leaping. I’m usually am still writing the list while diving in the fray.

In our hearts we carry these dreams, these hopes of accomplishment, these callings we want to carry out.  We want so badly to move forward, to act, to create, but there is a mountain of laundry and a cyclone of office memos that seem to be blocking our path.


Not everything in our lives is a “Today” thing. 


Today, meaning, things that should be taken care of “today” Oh you may think it is, it may feel as if it is, even the mail you receive tells you to “Act Today!”

Every single day, we have “today” stuff. Our spouse (or lack of), kids, pets, dry cleaners, car wash, drugstore and all this before some of us get to our other job, you know, the one with the paycheck. These are “today” things.

You may want to jump into the middle of something because you are excited. Trust me, I live this every day, I know this feeling well.  There is this thing called “process”. Its prep time, learning, refining, getting our heart ready. Some days I wish there were a fast forward on prep time.

Fear Not!  Those dreams, desires, hopes and callings don’t just die; they will live inside of you, waiting for the right Today.

No, not everything is a today thing. Many things clamor for the top of the today list. Today things will be done on the appropriate today with the open door.

Make your “to-do list”, line up chores and errands. Schedule the carpools and sleepovers, plot the family dinner nights, night out with friends. Then, set a prep time. Take a class, read a book, start a blog, something that sets the stage. Something that helps you prepare for the right today.

If something residing deep inside your heart gets moved from this today to the next today, it’s OK. The right today is on the horizon, you just need to be ready. A bright sun will always announce today’s arrival and closer to your today.

“For there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV