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This Is Different

Today I caught a comment while flipping through radio
stations at a stop light.
I thought the comment was completely random, but it stuck with me.  Then I realized that Jesus placed it there for me to hear and take a step back.

My life today is completely different than my life just a short year ago.  I never asked for this turn in my life, actually no one would, but during this turn, I have had time to do those things I never seemed to have time for in years past.  

See, I have always been the one to give out scriptures.  Send the encouraging word.  Be the “lifter-upper”  When my situation changed, people sent me the same scriptures, the encouraging wood, lifted me up.  But for some reason, it didn’t stick.  I would think, “oh, that is so sweet of them.”  However, I didn’t take it and own it.

Back to the comment I heard today.  The man on the radio said 

“How is it that your life and
your situation is so different that
the promises of God don’t apply?”

WOW! Let that sink in.  How is it, that your life is SO different, the situation that you are currently in, is SO unlike others, that your bank account, your mortgage, your rent, your debt, your job, your family, your health…your “Fill In The Blank” is completely unheard of, absolutely unique, and simply does not compare with anything else in the history of time, that the PROMISES of GOD does not, AT ALL, apply to you? 

The answer is, it isn’t.  


Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us that there is nothing new under the sun.
Nope, not one thing that is new.  

nothing new here

Kids have been turning their backs on parents, parents turning their backs on kids for all time.  People hating each other, wars, violence, breaking all kinds of laws.  The news today is just an new century reading of a history book.

Every single promise in the Bible is TRUE.
Every single promise.
Not a dud in the bunch!

Look at your life.
What is it that the Bible doesn’t apply to?
Got anything?
Me either.
You know what? I think we’re good.  


Faith, Hope, Love & Red High Heels? You Know It!

I’m sure you are looking at this page and wondering what red high heels have to do with faith, hope and love.  Let me tell you , they have quite a bit to do with them.  

In I Corinthians chapter 13 we are told by the Apostle that “…these three remain, faith, hope and love…”.  Faith moves us to act.  Hope gives us courage that our actions with be positively received.  Love encompasses us all.  As it says it the scripture, “…the greatest of these is love.”

Those items alone should carry us through any situation.  Any situation.

Sometimes while deciding to act in faith, hoping it will be a positive outcome and loving everyone involved, we need a visual boost.  THAT is where red high heels come in.

To me, slipping on a pair of red shoes, especially heels, can change my entire attitude.  I know, I know…I shouldn’t attribute such power to an inanimate object, but it really works.

Remember, love protects, hopes, and perceives (verse 7).  Love is all-encompassing.  Love covers us all.

And those red high heels? Girl, we ALL look good in those too!