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I was lost. Really lost. Well, maybe not really and truly lost, but lost enough.
I mean, I did have a GPS in my car, after all. But, I was off the beaten path.

I had decided to hop in the car and just “go.” I woke up with a restless spirit and wanted to see where the road would take me.

I found myself lost and thrilled.

A low, one lane bridge over a river; trees growing from the riverbed. Roots reaching down deep, not wavering, stalwart and strong.

These trees have been through droughts and floods.
Seasons of time have passed and yet here they are.

Jeremiah 17:8 talks about people being like trees planted by the water; having no fear.

Psalms 1:3 tells us of the people who are like trees planted by the streams and what ever they do prospers.

I sang when I saw these trees! I shouted!
My spirit was lifted and I rejoiced!
These trees were magnificent and strong – I want to be a tree of righteousness!

Bloom where you are planted.
Grow strong.
Let your fruit show your faith!